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Critical Illness

Critical Illness

Critical illness can have a devastating impact on people, and one of these impacts is financial. Numerous people survive a critical illness, but are unable to continue working and have difficulty paying the bills.

Government health plans and employee benefits are limited to basic medical and hospital care, and disability insurance pays a monthly benefit only when unable to work. This is where critical illness insurance differs: it pays out a lump sum of cash even if you are able to go back to work.

It is important to note that you must survive a critical illness for a set period of time to receive benefits (usually 30 days).

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Critical Illnesses Include

(But are not limited to)


Life Threatening Cancer


Multiple Sclerosis




Alzheimer’s Disease


Benign Brain Tumor


Loss of Limbs




Kidney Failure


Parkinson’s Disease


Coronary Artery Bypass





2_4_1-Other Options_KIDNEY TRANSPLANT_02AGoodKidney

Major Organ Transplant


Aortic Surgery


Loss Of Speech


Heart Valve Replacement



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Motor Neuron Disease

Best Doctors

If you are insured under certain Critical Illness Insurance policies and are diagnosed with a critical illness or condition named in the policy, you may contact Best Doctors. They will link you and your physician with the following services:

  • InterConsultation: Provides an in-depth review of the insured’s medical records, personalized medical evaluation and treatment recommendations from specialists affiliated with leading medical institutions throughout the world to help the insured’s treating physician determine a proper course of action.
  • FindBestDoc: Best Doctors will provide you with the names and professional profiles of up to three surgeons or other specialists, based on your geographic preference, that have the expertise to treat your condition.
  • FindBestCare: Best Doctors will also assist you with medical appointments to help ensure your medical priorities are met.

Carriers We Work With

  • Guaranteed to issue coverage
  • No health or family history questions
  • Flexible plans
  • Return of premium rider
  • Business owners & executives ask us about the Executive Health Savings Plan
  • Flexible plans
  • Return of premium rider
  • Business owners & executives ask us about Split Dollar Critical Illness Plan
  • Very flexible plans
  • Return of premium rider
  • Quick underwriting process
  • Flexible plans
  • Return of premium rider
  • Flexible Plans
  • Return of premium rider
  • Quick underwriting process
  • Flexible plans
  • Return of premium rider

  • No medical exam, No doctor reports
  • Term to age 75
  • 8 conditions covered

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