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Customized Benefits Plans for Holistic Practitioners of Canada

Get the Right Benefits in the Right Place

As a self-employed individual in the holistic health field, securing comprehensive coverage can be challenging. Specialized Benefits makes it easier for you to protect yourself by providing NHPC members and their families with customizable health and dental benefits through The Edge Benefits.

Enjoy prescription drug coverage, paramedical practitioner benefits, travel medical emergency coverage, accidental dental repairs, and more. Take control of your well-being and financial security with rates as low as $95.43/month. Explore our Health & Dental plan options and ensure you and your family are protected against life’s uncertainties.

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Simplifying Insurance for Self-Employed NHPC Members

You know that having insurance is supposed to mean having relief when you need it most. With so many convoluted plans being difficult to understand – especially for self-employed holistic practitioners – you may find yourself losing trust in the system. How much will it cost as your practice grows? How quickly can you expect claims to be processed? What happens to your family or dependents if you’re prevented from working? Without clarity, the entire process becomes a burden that you have to bear alone.

At Specialized Benefits, we go beyond conventional coverage for NHPC members like you by offering an additional layer of protection through The Edge Benefits’ multi-product advantage. You can amplify your benefit coverage by taking advantage of a basic Loss of Income – Injury plan to complement your Health & Dental benefits. This unique offering ensures a comprehensive safety net, addressing both health and financial well-being.

A man in glasses smiles as he uses his pencil to point to a pie chart

In just four easy steps, you can get an instant quote for affordable, flexible benefits.

Learn about other plans that we offer self-employed individuals like yourself.

A Healthy Return on Investment

With benefits packages as low as $2.00 per day, you can insure your health for the long term.

Customized Plans for Maximum Value

With plans from multiple insurance carriers, we will recommend options that will give you great value for your premium dollar. We even have exclusive plans for NHPC members!

A Healthy You Leads to a Healthy Business

What would happen to your business if you couldn’t work? With benefits coverage for even pre-existing conditions, you don’t have to worry whether things will continue to run smoothly in your absence.

A Healthy Workplace

A survey by Randstad showed that 70% of Canadian job seekers feel salary and benefits are the most important considerations when accepting a new position or staying in a current one.

Quick & Easy Payments

Streamline your transactions with our quick and easy payment options, ensuring a hassle-free experience every time.

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