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Travel with Confidence with Canadian Travel Medical Insurance

Embark on your journeys with confidence, thanks to our Canadian Travel Medical Insurance. Tailored for both Canadian citizens exploring foreign lands and visitors, international students, expatriates, and immigrants arriving in Canada, our coverage ensures that unexpected illnesses or injuries won’t burden your travels.

As healthcare costs skyrocket outside your home country, our travel medical insurance steps in, covering a wide array of insurance needs. Don’t let financial worries mar your adventures—choose Specialized Benefits for comprehensive and reliable travel coverage.

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Comprehensive Coverage for Every Canadian Journey

When it comes to your health and well-being, our Canadian Visitor Coverage is exactly what you need, offering protection against unexpected healthcare emergencies for you and your dependents. Whether you’re visiting, working, immigrating, or studying in Canada, our health plans ensure peace of mind during your time in the country.

For visitors, our coverage provides a relaxed and enjoyable stay, while working visitors can focus on their work without worrying about unforeseen medical expenses. Immigrating to Canada? We’ve got you covered during the waiting period before receiving provincial medical coverage. Even Canadian expatriates returning home can bridge the gap with our protection. For foreign students, our Health Advantage Student International plan lets you concentrate on your studies without the stress of sudden healthcare emergencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Travel Medical Coverage include?

Your comprehensive Travel Medical Coverage encompasses emergency hospital accommodation, ambulance services (including air ambulance), meals and accommodations, up-front payment to health providers wherever possible, medical appliances (crutches, canes, etc.), paramedical services, doctor’s bills, relief of dental pain, return of deceased, prescription drugs, accidental dental, emergency vehicle return, private registered nurse, X-rays and lab tests, transport home when medically necessary, and incidental hospital expenses.

Is a medical examination required to qualify for coverage?

No medical examination is required for our Travel Medical Coverage. We believe in making the process simple and accessible, ensuring you get the protection you need without unnecessary hurdles.

Which providers do you work with for Travel Medical Plans?

We collaborate with reputable providers to offer you the best options. Our partners include GMS TravelStar® Travel Plans, GMS Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Plans, Manulife Financial Travel Plans, and Tugo Travel Insurance.

How does the coverage handle emergency hospital accommodation?

Emergency hospital accommodation is included in your coverage, providing the necessary support and care in unforeseen medical situations during your travels.

What happens if there is a need for emergency air ambulance services?

Our coverage includes ambulance services, including air ambulance, ensuring swift and efficient transportation in emergency situations where air transportation is required.

How does the Travel Medical Coverage handle the return of a deceased individual?

The coverage includes the provision for the return of deceased individuals, offering support and assistance during challenging times, and ensuring their safe return home.

Navigate Every Twist with
Comprehensive Travel Medical Benefits

Emergency Hospital Accommodation

Rest easy knowing that our Travel Medical Coverage includes accommodations in case of unexpected hospitalization during your travels.


Our Travel Medical Coverage takes care of doctor’s bills, ensuring that you receive necessary medical attention without worrying about the financial burden.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Access essential medications worry-free with our coverage, providing support for your prescription drug needs while you’re away from home.

& Lab Tests

Our Travel Medical Coverage encompasses X-rays and lab tests, offering comprehensive medical diagnostics to ensure you receive the right care while away from home.

Accidental Dental

Unexpected accidents shouldn’t ruin your trip – our coverage includes accidental dental care to address unforeseen dental injuries during your travels.

Ambulance Service

In emergencies, you’ll have access to ambulance services, including air ambulance when necessary, guaranteeing swift transportation to medical facilities.

Hospital Expenses

From minor costs to unexpected expenses, our coverage extends to include incidental hospital expenses, providing financial support wherever you need it.

Transport Home

When your health requires it, our coverage ensures safe and supported transportation home, emphasizing your well-being in medically necessary situations.

*Note: These are just some of the benefits included with our Travel Medical insurance. For a more comprehensive list, please speak with one of our dedicated insurance brokers.

A Medical Safety Net For Wherever Life Takes You

By choosing Specialized Benefits for your travel medical insurance, you unlock the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive coverage, ensuring your journeys are smooth and worry-free.

Opting for our coverage safeguards your adventures, guaranteeing that unexpected medical situations won’t disrupt your travel plans, allowing you to explore with confidence.

With Specialized Benefits, you travel with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any unforeseen healthcare needs are met, and your focus remains on the excitement of your travels.

Choosing our travel medical insurance is an investment in memorable experiences, enabling you to create lasting memories without the stress of unexpected healthcare expenses.

Specialized Benefits empowers your global presence, giving you the confidence to traverse borders and embrace diverse cultures, knowing your health is prioritized and protected.

Craft a legacy of worry-free travel by selecting Specialized Benefits, where your well-being takes center stage, allowing you to build a legacy of adventures and experiences that last a lifetime.

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