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Get the Right Benefits Plan…at the Right Price.

We are proud to be the exclusive provider of NHPC group benefits.

Protect yourself from all life’s curveballs

“Compared to employees, self-employed individuals are less likely to be covered by extended health, dental and disability insurance plans, and are also more likely to feel greater financial pain should they be prevented from working.”  - Stats Canada

But, unlike most self-employed people, you can start protecting yourself today with a customized benefits plan that not only meets all your health, wellness and business needs, but also fits your budget!

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Five reasons a Specialized Benefits plan is actually worth it

A healthy return on investment

With benefits packages starting at just $3.25 per day, you can insure your health for the long-term.

A healthy you leads to a healthy business

Ever wonder what would happen to your business if you weren’t able to work? With benefits coverage for even pre-existing conditions, you don’t have to worry whether things will keep running smoothly in your absence.

     A healthy workplace

A survey by Randstad showed 70% of Canadian job seekers feel salary and benefits are the most important considerations when accepting a new position or staying in a current one.

     Pain-free enrollment

Protecting your health and business with a customized benefits package couldn’t be easier. Simply complete our online enrollment form and receive your coverage today with no waiting period!

   Quick & easy payment

Submit claims online or via the mobile app and receive payment directly to your bank account within 24-48 hours! Paying your premiums is hassle free with pre-authorized debit transactions and they’re tax deductible for business owners & self-employed members.

The process was straight-forward, quick, and overall great experience as far as claims go. I would recommend to any business owner.

Leanne Lajoie

Edmonton, AB

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Custom Benefits Designed for You!

The days when every working person had an employer-sponsored health and benefits plan have become a distant memory. This is where we can help! Specialized Benefits has over 45 years of experience helping families protect what they cherish most.


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